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Norsifs rapport: «ESG Integration in Norwegian Fixed Income»

Norsifs arbeidsgruppe for ESG integrering har i en fersk rapport kartlagt hvordan norske investorer jobber med ansvarlig renteforvaltning. Målet har vært å finne ut hvorfor og hvordan investorer tar hensyn til ESG-risiko innen renteforvaltning, og om det finnes resultater fra akademisk forskning som investorer kan forholde seg til i sine strategier for ansvarlig forvaltning.

In English: Norsif’s working committee on ESG-integration has created a guide to ESG in credit management. From the executive summary: «The goal of this report is not to offer a one-size-fits-all solution for ESG investing in the Norwegian fixed income market. Rather, our aim is to understand why and how investors approach ESG risks currently, and whether the academic literature can offer any evidence that investors can draw upon in continually refining our responsible investment strategies.

Professor Bruno Gerard (BI Norwegian Business School) has rewiewed the literature on ESG and fixed income investments, focusing on global academic studies of high quality.

Download the report here.

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