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NordicSIF co-webinar: Children’s Rights in Investing

Time: 26.4. @13:30 - 15:00

This webinar explores the topic of How to integrate child rights into investing, specifically looking at why and how child rights should be integrated into investment decision-making. Deep dive into the tech sector and to the investor lens; exploring concrete examples of how investors work with child rights today.

Key questions to be answered

  • How are child rights addressed in investing today, and where are key developments?

  • What is the status quo of child rights in IT and Tech?

  • What are concrete ways for investors to integrate child rights into the investment strategy?

  • How to pursue active engagement regarding child rights?

The event is created in NordicSIF collaboration with Dansif, IcelandSIF, Norsif, Swesif and Finsif.

Venue: Online only. The link to the event is sent to registees.

Registration: Click here to register

The event is open for all NordicSIF member organisations.

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